Living Off The Land Binaries and Scripts (and also Libraries)

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Binary Functions Type
AppInstaller.exe Binaries
At.exe Binaries
Atbroker.exe Binaries
Bash.exe Binaries
Bitsadmin.exe Binaries
CertReq.exe Binaries
Certutil.exe Binaries
Cmd.exe Binaries
Cmdkey.exe Binaries
Cmstp.exe Binaries
ConfigSecurityPolicy.exe Binaries
Control.exe Binaries
Csc.exe Binaries
Cscript.exe Binaries
DataSvcUtil.exe Binaries
Desktopimgdownldr.exe Binaries
Dfsvc.exe Binaries
Diantz.exe Binaries
Diskshadow.exe Binaries
Dllhost.exe Binaries
Dnscmd.exe Binaries
Esentutl.exe Binaries
Eventvwr.exe Binaries
Expand.exe Binaries
Explorer.exe Binaries
Extexport.exe Binaries
Extrac32.exe Binaries
Findstr.exe Binaries
Forfiles.exe Binaries
Ftp.exe Binaries
GfxDownloadWrapper.exe Binaries
Gpscript.exe Binaries
Hh.exe Binaries
Ie4uinit.exe Binaries
Ieexec.exe Binaries
Ilasm.exe Binaries
Infdefaultinstall.exe Binaries
Installutil.exe Binaries
Jsc.exe Binaries
Makecab.exe Binaries
Mavinject.exe Binaries
Microsoft.Workflow.Compiler.exe Binaries
Mmc.exe Binaries
MpCmdRun.exe Binaries
Msbuild.exe Binaries
Msconfig.exe Binaries
Msdt.exe Binaries
Mshta.exe Binaries
Msiexec.exe Binaries
Netsh.exe Binaries
Odbcconf.exe Binaries
Pcalua.exe Binaries
Pcwrun.exe Binaries
Pktmon.exe Binaries
Pnputil.exe Binaries
Presentationhost.exe Binaries
Print.exe Binaries
Psr.exe Binaries
Rasautou.exe Binaries
Reg.exe Binaries
Regasm.exe Binaries
Regedit.exe Binaries
Regini.exe Binaries
Register-cimprovider.exe Binaries
Regsvcs.exe Binaries
Regsvr32.exe Binaries
Replace.exe Binaries
Rpcping.exe Binaries
Rundll32.exe Binaries
Runonce.exe Binaries
Runscripthelper.exe Binaries
Sc.exe Binaries
Schtasks.exe Binaries
Scriptrunner.exe Binaries
SyncAppvPublishingServer.exe Binaries
Ttdinject.exe Binaries
Tttracer.exe Binaries
vbc.exe Binaries
Verclsid.exe Binaries
Wab.exe Binaries
Wmic.exe Binaries
Wscript.exe Binaries
Wsreset.exe Binaries
wuauclt.exe Binaries
Xwizard.exe Binaries
Advpack.dll Libraries
Comsvcs.dll Libraries
Ieadvpack.dll Libraries
Ieaframe.dll Libraries
Mshtml.dll Libraries
Pcwutl.dll Libraries
Setupapi.dll Libraries
Shdocvw.dll Libraries
Shell32.dll Libraries
Syssetup.dll Libraries
Url.dll Libraries
Zipfldr.dll Libraries
adplus.exe OtherMSBinaries
AgentExecutor.exe OtherMSBinaries
Appvlp.exe OtherMSBinaries
Bginfo.exe OtherMSBinaries
Cdb.exe OtherMSBinaries
coregen.exe OtherMSBinaries
csi.exe OtherMSBinaries
DefaultPack.EXE OtherMSBinaries
Devtoolslauncher.exe OtherMSBinaries
dnx.exe OtherMSBinaries
Dotnet.exe OtherMSBinaries
Dxcap.exe OtherMSBinaries
Excel.exe OtherMSBinaries
Mftrace.exe OtherMSBinaries
Msdeploy.exe OtherMSBinaries
msxsl.exe OtherMSBinaries
ntdsutil.exe OtherMSBinaries
Powerpnt.exe OtherMSBinaries
rcsi.exe OtherMSBinaries
Remote.exe OtherMSBinaries
Sqldumper.exe OtherMSBinaries
Sqlps.exe OtherMSBinaries
SQLToolsPS.exe OtherMSBinaries
Squirrel.exe OtherMSBinaries
te.exe OtherMSBinaries
Tracker.exe OtherMSBinaries
Update.exe OtherMSBinaries
vsjitdebugger.exe OtherMSBinaries
Winword.exe OtherMSBinaries
Wsl.exe OtherMSBinaries
CL_Mutexverifiers.ps1 Scripts
CL_Invocation.ps1 Scripts
Manage-bde.wsf Scripts
Pubprn.vbs Scripts
Slmgr.vbs Scripts
Syncappvpublishingserver.vbs Scripts
winrm.vbs Scripts
Pester.bat Scripts
No binary matches...